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How to make Referrals Free -> Just promote your your Referral URL via our Free Ways of advertising!

There are many ways and even more websites to promote your Referral URL. On this page we give you some good options to promote your Referral URL. You can use them for any website you are member from to build up your downline just for FREE!

1. Promote your Referral URL via Listbuilders

Listbuilders are realy a great and free way to promote your Referral URL. On the listbuilders you can email each x number of days a x number of members (different on each listbuilder). As well on the most listbuilders you can earn credits for reading the emails to send out even more emails. Use these emails to promote your Referral URL and you build up your downline easy and free. 

TIP : Ones you join the listbuilders they mostly have an OneTimeOffer (OTO). You only see this offer ones so it is mostly a great offer. 

Some good listbuilders you can use. : TheListAuction , DirtCheapMailer , RushOurTraffic , Listjoe , ListSurfing , ListJumper , ListDomino , State of the Art Mailer , ViralNugget , CoinGrabbers

For more listbuilders -> 

2. Promote your Referral URL via Manual Traffic Exchanges.

Manual traffic exchanges are another great way to promote your Referral URL. On the manual traffic exchanges you can earn credits for visit websites. Then you can use these credits to let other people see your website. So by visit websites from other people you can let other people visit your Referral URL and ofcourse join it when they like. 

TIP : Ones you join the Manual-Traffic they mostly have an OneTimeOffer (OTO). You only see this offer ones so it is mostly a great offer. 

Some good manual Traffic exchanges you can use : Hits-a-Million ,Easyhits4U , HitBandit , TrafficShowDown , NewWaySurf , Hit2Hit

For more Manual Traffic Exchanges. :

3. Promote your Referral URL via other PTR/PTC website.

Other Paid To Read and Paid to Click websites like Donkeymails are great to promote your Referral URL. On a lot of these websites you can earn points that you can use then to promote websites. use these points to promote your Referral URL and build up your downline easy. As well most websites have the option to redeem your cash as well for advertising so that is ofcourse an option as well to do.

Some PTR/PTC sites you can use : Donkeymails , Worldwide-cash , Clixsense , Adpaid , GPTOffers , Valeptr , Xray-cash

4. Promote your Referral URL by submit Articles.

Using articles with good content can build up good traffic to your articale and when you include your Referral URL as well traffic to your Referral URL.

Some article websites  you can use : Interesting Articles Directory, Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Article Base, Buzzle, SearchWarp, Article Alley, Web-Source, ArticleSet, WebProNews, Amazines, Blogger, Squidoo

5. Promote your donkeymails using Social media websites.

Good sites to use : Bizoppers earn direct cash as well! , , , and ofcourse can use your messengers as well. BUT remember don't spam.

6. Promote your Referral URL to your friends, family and all people you know!

How many friends or relatives do you have that would like to earn money working online. Make a list of everyone you know then contact them about  your referral URL to let them join under you to earn cash as well. PLEASE NOTE : do not send unsolicited bulk e-mail messages (SPAM). Such action will result in immediate termination of your account.

7. Promote your Referral URL by using Google Sorts ads.

Google is ofcourse a great way to promote your referral URL. Only the ads on google are costing mostly a lot of money. But there is now a great way to get google ads free even without having a website. is a great website to get your free google sorts ads online. On this website you can earn credits with setting up an page (like your Referral URL) on it and put on this directly. Then by promote that link you direct earn credits that you can use to promote your Referral URL. So with this you promote direct your referral URL and earn extra credits as well that you can use again to promote

The site to use :
Another Great Free Google ads site to use -> Adzly , FreeTrafficBar
A great pay way to order google sorts ads : or for cheaper ads

8. Promote your Referral URL by adding your website to Search Engines.

Just like google there are many search engines that you can use to promote your Referral URL. Just by adding your page to the search engine you receive free traffic to your Referral URL

Sub ways to submit your Referral URL Free :

Great Paying way to submit your Referral URL the best engines online. Yosro Search Engine Visibility

9. Promote your Referral URL via your own Website or Blog

If you have an own website or blog page you can easy place all your referral URL's banners or a text links on it. Then if someone visit your website or blog and click on the banner they will join automatic in your downline. 

Don't have your own website or blog you can now start one easy in just 5 steps. (your own website is realy the best way to promote as you can promote different programs in ones)

A. Visit choose your domain name and order it. Prices will start at only $9.99 which is include FREE Hosting and more!
B. Login at your account at and click on "Free Products" at the right menu. Then click "hosting accounts" to set your free hosting. Or choose "website tonight accounts" then you receive hosting together with an easy setup to build up your website fast. When you are a total newbie the "website tonight" option is the best to choose as of the very easy setup everyone can build a page with this.
C. Ones you have clicked "hosting accounts" you are send back to main page and find a button there to "actived your free account" just click on this and set up your free hosting.
D. Build up your website and upload your page to your free hosting account. 
E. Test your website to be sure all works fine and start promote your website! PS Don't forget to add the referral banners to your own website!

0. Paid Promotions options

After using all the free options to advertise there are as well many paid ways to advertise. On above sites you can sometimes upgrade or buy credits for more advertising. The follow websites are special for paid advertising options. All options will be used by us as well and have great results. When we found new websites with great results we will post them up as well. 

Some good Paid advertising Programs you can use. :
Planet-Traffic -> Planet-Traffic offers you free guaranteed signups, guaranteed traffic, email ads, banner impressions and many more. Prices starting at only $5
Clixsense -> Clixsense is one of the biggest PTR online which offer great advertising for low prices. Top ways to advertise here are the Clixgrid ads and Paid to Click ads. Both available for low prices.
Web Traffic Machines -> SEO and Traffic generation software that will send swarms of web traffic to your site from many different sources. Easy to use, no experience required. Underground marketers use these traffic tools to get thousands of free visitors daily!
IM Advantage -> Most website Would Charge $1000/month For This. Thoughts? Now available for an amazing low price!. Don't wait get this amazing advertising deal.
Imeye -> Revolutionary Research System. Get Affiliate Marketing Survival Tips, Money Making Tips, Keyword Research That Works, PPC In Your Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Marketing Survival Tips and many more!

 Happy Promote your Referral URL!


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