SkinnyBodyCare Team Promotion. Include compensation Plan!

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SkinnyBodyCare Team Promotion! Already 1,006 members joined our team since July 19. 2011. Will you be next!

Take advantage of the best compensation plan ever seen online!Join our Team and we promote your URL via our rotator. All  paid members in our total downline will be added to this URL. So it not matter who is your upline in our group.This team page will be promote with at least $250 + 50% of our monthly profit at SkinnyBodyCare. So the bigger our downline will be the more links we promote the more money will used for this. 

So don’t wait longer and join our team via our Rotator URL or just click the banner
After the free signup, login at your account and scroll down till you see the grey button that say “Click here to get started now” to pay for your upgrade so you are in the pay plan. (scroll down for pay plan). After that click on upline enrollers at the left menu and search for me (Sebas Broekhof) then just send us an email that you joined in our group and send me your username and we direct add you to our rotation URL. If you not email us no worry we found you mostly soon so we add you automatic. 
So you not joined yet get in now ->

Earn BIG with Skinny Body Care! Pay Plan (compensation Plan!)

At Skinny Body Care, our Independent Distributors are the driving force behind our success. That’s why we reward you with the most generous compensation program in the industry. With Skinny Body Care, you can earn income 6 different ways!

And unlike other compensation plans where only the biggest leaders and top recruiters qualify for the higher payouts, with Skinny Body Care’s revolutionary compensation plan, you can even qualify for higher ranks without ever enrolling a single person! Check out to see how!

6 Ways to get paid

1 Powerline Bonus -

As you will experience, our exclusive Powerline system is by far the most exciting and powerful business building system in the industry. On top of giving you the opportunity to lock in your position and be placed in our fast filling matrix before potentially hundreds or thousands of other people, we also reward you for taking action by guaranteeing you a check on the first 3 people below you in the powerline! Powerline commissions are paid out the first month. After that, all earnings come from the matrix.

2 Fast Start Bonus with Infinity Overrides

One awesome advantage to being a distributor of Skinny Body Care is that on top of the HUGE compensation program that you get to participate in, you also have FULL ACCESS to ALL of the top tools, trainings, websites, and systems to help you sell product, build a team, and make money quickly and easily!

That means each time you share our awesome product with others and they make a purchase, YOU will earn a $25 Fast Start bonus paid the very next week!

What’s even more exciting is that as those people share the products with others, they will earn the $25 Fast Start Bonus, and YOU will get up to an additional $5 override on any sales that they make infinite levels deep in your organization!

In fact a HUGE 80% of the initial order is paid out in commissions to YOU, our distributors!

Example: Infinity overrides are paid infinite levels deep based on rank qualifications in your enroller tree. So if you are a Diamond, and one of your personally enrolled Silver distributors enrolled a new person, you would earn a $1 Second Generation Silver override, a $1 First Generation Gold override, a $1 First Generation Platinum Override, and a $1 First Generation Diamond Override for a total of $4 for that new enrollment.

3 Long Term Residual Income

Once you lock in your position as a distributor, you are placed in our fast-filling 3 x 8 forced matrix which qualifies you to earn income 6 levels deep…and because everyone is purchasing their product on a monthly basis, these commissions are paid out residually every month regardless of who enrolled them, even if some may have fallen under you from “spillover.”

In fact, you could earn up to $1,618.50 per month without ever enrolling a single person!

PLUS, as you take advantage of our awesome tools and systems to build your team, your matrix will extend to pay you down 8 levels up to $10,366.50 per month!

4 Infinity Matching Bonuses

The Skinny Body Care compensation program was designed to make it very simple for our distributors to share our valuable products and opportunity with others, AND reward them significantly for doing so. With that in mind, we have created the most powerful compensation program in the industry, and our matching bonuses prove it!

On top of the $10,366 that you can earn in your matrix, you also have the ability to match a percentage of ALL of the commissions that everyone in your enroller tree every month.

In fact, with 7 Generations of matching bonuses you will match up to 100% of the entire matrix commissions of EVERYONE in your entire enroller tree.

Example: : Infinity matching bonuses are paid infinite levels deep based on rank qualifications in your enroller tree. So if you are a Diamond, and one of your personally enrolled Silver distributors earned $3,000 in their matrix, you would earn a 50% First Generation Bronze match ($1,500), 20% First Generation Silver match ($600), a 12% First Generation Gold match ($360), an 8% First Generation Platinum match ($240), and a 5% First Generation Diamond match ($150) for a total match of $2,850 just on that one person alone!

As your team grows, it is not unrealistic to match hundreds, possibly even thousands of matrix checks each and every month!

5 Monthly Leadership Pools

Through our revolutionary Leadership Pools, YOU can capture a percentage of EVERY dollar that comes into the ENTIRE company EVERY MONTH!

In fact, after the initial 50 bv order, 5% of every dollar that comes into the company EVERY MONTH is shared with YOU through our Leadership Pools!

This gives you a very powerful way to share in total company revenue and put even more money in your pocket each and every month.

The 5% is split amongst all ranked members as follows:

Since less people share in the higher pools, the shares of each successive pool are higher than the previous pool. Members only participate in the Leadership Pool each month.REMEMBER, with our exclusive value pack join options, you can get started as high as Silver or Gold without ever having to enroll a single person!*Leadership pools are paid to Distributors who achieve rank by production. Joining at the Silver or Gold level by purchasing Bonus Pack or Premier Pack will still qualify you for the additional levels of pay in the matrix and matching bonuses, but you will not participate in the Leadership Pools.

6 Rank Achievement Bonuses

The BEST compensation plan in the industry just got even BETTER. On top of the already HUGE compensation plan payout, we are also rewarding leaders who achieve Platinum or above with our new Rank Achievement Bonuses.

Once you qualify for Platinum or above for three consecutive months, you will receive the following CASH BONUSES on TOP of ALL of your other commissions.

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SkinnyFiber Compensation Plan Rocks. One Big Power Line!

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One Big PowerLine

Best Home Business of the Year

Paid me and my partners over $20,000 last month only!

No Selling

Work from Home

Everyone that join after you will join UNDER YOU!

Automatic Unlimited Spillover

6 Ways to Earn Cash

$25 per Referral you Make!

Anyone can do this Worldwide!

Fill in your info, learn more, Upgrade and Earn unlimited Cash!!

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Just Launched $25 per Ref 2×14 Forced! Great Compensation Plan Pay!

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Great company! Looks like things are rockin’ for you!

Just Launched 2×14 Forced Matrix so loads of Spillover

Get in our Team Fast to get the most Spillover!

Low cost upgrade monthly or direct for 12 Months in ones!

Total 5 Ways to earn Cash.

$25 per Referral you make!

Our business is launching now and by itself, it offers great tools that some of the top marketers use to build their primary businesses so it is well worth it but there are two reasons to want to come on board now:
This is day 1 of this business. Joining it now puts you in before this gets out to the rest of the internet and with the 2×14 structure and payplan that includes a lot of bonuses and as you know positioning can be a huge advantage, but how about this? One of the top recruiters in the business will help you and me get personal enrollments.

My upline and partner Derek Bohlken can enroll hundreds of people into a business opportunity and he has yet to do that in this case.
If you enroll with me and become part of my core team, you will have a spot on a limited rotator that he will use for all of his personal enrollments in the future.
Spillover is great but it is nothing compared to getting the bonus money and business growth from personal enrollments.

It’s not that you won’t be given direction that will enable you to get your own personal enrollments and bonus money, but you are going to get very real, very direct support.

All you have to do is go to the website : Take the tour and upgrade and I will tell you how to get added to that rotator, we will get you instructions on how to build it, and we will be there to assist you in learning how to use this early positioning as a catalyst for creating a life changing income.

Let me know if you have questions but I recommend enrolling now and we will get you started. We don’t mess around and we aren’t clueless. If you want to do this, you will be in the perfect position to do it.

Sebas Broekhof

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Hits4Surfer Referral Contest!!

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Cash Referral contest – $130 to be won

The contest started-May 29th at 00:01 AM, will  end July 16th at midnight.
the members who will refer the highest number of new active* members will win these cash prizes:

first place: $50
second place:$35
third place: $20
forth place:$15
fifth place: $10

places 6th-10th will win 2500/5500/5500 each

a special leaderboard is open beloe so you can check your stats.

*An active member is a member who have signed up, verified his/her email address

and surfed a minimum of 100 pages per month.-only “Live humans” concidered members

* No paid to sign ups, result deletion of your account.
* No false advertisement, result may be deletion of your account!


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That Free Thing Referral Contest! $15,000 Special Raffle! + Payment Proof!

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That Free Thing Referral Contest!

+ Payment Proof they had already paid me $300+

Get 5 FreeBies per week as Free Member Get in today!

Join today ->

Referral Contest extended through July 31st
- $15,000 Special Raffle -

More Prizes Being Added for July

We are holding a special enrollment contest from June 1st – June 30th. Each new member you personally enroll will count toward your monthly total and at the end of the month we will be giving away over 200 prizes to all TFT members who qualify.

These prizes range from $100, $500 up to $5,000 in Cash, we are also giving away iPads, other electronic devices and all sorts of TFT branded T-shirts, business cards, mouse pads and many other valuable prizes.

How Does This Special Raffle Contest Work?

It’s easy… All you have to do is build your TFT business and you will earn “Tickets” into each raffle. We have put together 3 raffle pools that you can qualify for based on your personal enrollments AND also on the overall growth of your team.
3 Levels of Qualification:

Level 1 – Bronze

    – Each time you enroll a new member you will earn 1 Bronze Ticket

Level 2 – Silver

    – Each time you enroll 5 new members you will earn 1 Silver Ticket + 5 Bronze Tickets
    – For each new member that you enroll who enrolls 5 new members you will also earn 1 Silver Ticket

Level 3 – Gold

    – Each time you enroll 10 new members you earn 1 Gold Ticket + 2 Silver Tickets + 10 Bronze Tickets.
    – For each new member that you enroll who enrolls 10 new members you will also earn 1 Gold Ticket

You can earn UNLIMITED TICKETS in each of the 3 Raffles…

Example: Let’s say you enroll 15 new members in June… You would earn 15 Bronze Tickets (each enrollment = 1 Ticket)… You would also earn 3 Silver Tickets (every 5 enrollments = 1 Ticket)…. And you would earn 1 Gold Ticket (every 10 enrollments = 1 Ticket).

At the end of the month we will cut off the raffle pools and hold a special LIVE drawing for each of the 200+ prizes. This will take place on a live webinar on Saturday July 2nd (more details coming soon).
$15,000 in Cash and Prizes!

Gold Prizes

- $5,000 cash (1 winner)
- $500 cash (1 winner)
- $250 cash (1 winner)
- $25 cash (4 winners)
- TFT Free 6 months membership (2 winners)
- TFT Tshirt – $15 value (2 winners)
- TFT business cards – $25 value (2 winners)
- TFT mouse pads – $15 value (2 winners)
- Plus, some other surprise promotional items (many winners)

Silver Prizes

- $2,500 (1 winner)
- iPad 2 (1 winner)
- $500 cash (1 winner)
- $250 cash (1 winner)
- TFT Free 3 months membership (1 winner)
- TFT Tshirt – $15 value (3 winners)
- TFT business cards – $25 value (3 winners)
- TFT mouse pads – $15 value (3 winners)
- Plus, some other surprise promotional items (many winners)

Bronze Prizes

- $2,500 (1 winner)
- iPad 2 (1 winner)
- $250 cash (1 winner)
- $50 cash (2 winners)
- $25 cash (4 winners)
- TFT Free Month – $9.95 value (10 winners)
- TFT Tshirt – $15 value (5 winners)
- TFT business cards – $25 value (5 winners)
- TFT mouse pads – $15 value (5 winners)
- Plus, some other surprise promotional items (many winners)

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RushourTraffic Referral Contest $517 to win!

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Friday, June 3, 2011 @ 12:00 pm EASTERN
*$517 In CONTEST MONEY Up For Grabs!*
It’s the “Beat the Rush Referral Contest”

$517 on the table plus TONS of mailing credits too!

Who will be the BIG WINNERS? It’s anyone’s guess…
but it COULD BE YOU!!

This is our referral contest up to 3,000 active, verified members.

* The time limit of 09-03-2011 is just a place holder.

* To qualify you need a minimum of 20 referrals to win.

* Additionally, 3 random members who refer at least 1 verified referral during the contest will also win $5 to their accounts each.

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Mass Profit Formula Get Free Instant Access!

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Okay, I just saw the proof for this new app.

Amazing stuff. This guy I know demonstrates his
traffic-driving software right in front of you.

Get over and check it out while you’ve still got time.

This is the answer to an affiliate marketers dream: a sea of traffic.

Heavy numbers hitting all your affiliate accounts.

A 24/7 system that takes 84 seconds to set up and align.

After that the commissions come rolling in.

What I liked about this system is that the guy doesn’t try and
snow you.

He lays out the proof.


Best of all, the software is cool for all.

You don’t need to know html or Codex.

Plug in and go enjoy life. The system does it all.

And it’s risk free.

Too good to be true?

See for yourself.

Still a Doubting Thomas?

Not that I care.

Your loss is my gain.

One less body to fight for a copy.

‘Cause I’m getting one.

Clock is ticking.

If you want in, you’d better hustle.

Hopefully, I’ll see you inside.


Sebas Broekhof

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Hostgator Cheap WordPress hosting!

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best traffic exchange

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Best Traffic Exchange

At you can find all the best traffic exchange on the Net!

Find the top 20 best traffic exchanges on the net

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June 13th, 2011 at 7:55 pm manual traffic exchange Referral Contest!

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Hit2Hit offers you a Referral Contest!

This manual Traffic Exchange offer always a referral contest with a $200 First Price 

Winnings: cash
1st – $200
2nd – $100
3rd – $50
4th – $25
5th – $20
6th – $15
7th – $10
8th – $8
9th – $7
10th – $5
So are you ready to win $200 or any of the other great prices in this contest.

Register now using the follow URL Not only offers a referral Contest!

Benefits of Hit2Hit
Top Manual Traffic exchange high ranking at TrafficHoopla and others.
Fast Surfing
Earn up to 50% referral Cash
1 Referral Level for Surfing
Fast deliver of Credits
Unique Benefits for beeing upgrade benefits you get not at any other website.
Low cost upgrades with great Offers!

Join Today

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